Tuesday, December 1, 2020 07:11:59 PM AEST

       Welcome to the Doecke Mob/Clan Web Page


       But we are not the first! No, we come from a long line, but being the person, disinterested in genealogy that I am, this page will begin with us - just us! Just us will be Leo and me to begin with. Now I have to decide who is more important - my long list of pets, or some people related to me? Hmm - that's very difficult.

Glamour Glenice

       Before I put in my very special photo of we, us and company (without the menagerie), your attention should be drawn to the exceedingly glamorous photo of yours truly. This photo was the result of the gift of my beautiful pink cap, combined with the testing of fly-proof gear, not to mention the exquisite modelling of the entire outfit!

       I've decided that my human mate and me are the most important to begin with. It might not be anyone else's opinion, but who cares about that? I think it's time to stick in a picture of us, the handsome couple. Don't go away! I'll work out this fool idiot box before very long.
Leo & Glenice in front of our new home.
       So, here we are at age 75 and 68 respectively, in the year of Our Lord 2005, having been married for 48 years. This page would be much more spectacular if I could boast 50 years, but as yet, I can't lay claim to that privilege. In future pages, I shall display our likeness in the antiquated year of 1956 and you, dear reader, can make the comparisons.

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